Traverse the world of cuisine Amenta Multi-Cuisine Resto Lounge at Papyrus Port, as dishes from across the globe is served. Revel in the aroma and enthrall yourself in the ambience as you experience the pleasure of a gourmet’s delight. Give in to the cravings, dig in, feast and satisfy your tingling taste buds.

Our multi-cuisine Restaurant Khufu’s & Khafre’s Pyramid Restaurant serves Continental, Italian, Oriental and Indian cuisine. We believe that good food brings people together, which is why the atmosphere here is just as good as the food is, allowing you to have a good time with your loved ones. Relish yourself over a cup of coffee and dig into your favorite snacks at Papyrus Port.

The essence is in the food and the flavour is in the air at Papyrus Port, Add to that a team of well trained staff and you have your perfect evening. Our thirst for providing you an astounding service is unquenchable and our hunger for leaving a lasting impression is insatiable.