Outdoor Catering Images : Honeyberg Resort

The delicacies of Papyrus Port is not limited just to the restaurant, the outdoor catering ensures that your guests, be it family, friends or corporate acquaintances, experience the flavors of global cuisines as well as Indian street food.

You read that right, the global and Indian cuisines are blended together; Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Hyderabadi, Bengali, Kashmiri and South Indian cuisines alongside Italian, Thai and Chinese cuisines. The diverse textures, fresh aroma, and beautiful palette will have your guests drooling.

Our excellent, as well as efficient outdoor catering services at Papyrus Port Resort, can be tailored to meet your preferences and requirements. Be it a huge gathering or an intimate function, our wide variety of delicious dishes and a team that will looks after your needs make sure that we bring you the best possible experience.