Papyrus port

Suchirindia Hotels & Resorts (P) Limited was set up by the Suchirindia Group to foray into the hospitality sector. Resorts, Clubs, Theme Parks and other entertainment centers are being set up, initially in and around Hyderabad, major towns of State Govt., metro cities in India and in due course overseas. "PAPYRUS PORT RESORT" A 3 star Egyptian theme luxury resort is the first among a network of boutique of projects promoted by Suchirindia Hotels and Resorts (P) Limited. A subsidiary of Suchirindia Infratech (P) Limited. It is a specially tailor made to suit the requirements of corporate and other business travelers with 3 star rating from Tourism Department, Govt. of India.

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  • Airport or railway transfer

  • Free WiFi

  • Outdoor Catering

  • Swimming Pool

  • Indoor & Out Door Games

  • Restaurant